A Guide on How to Sell Your Property Quickly


When it comes to selling a property, it can be rather daunting for many reasons,especially if you are in need of a quick sale and release of funds. Many people fear that this may cost them a lot of money in return but there are ways you can ensure that you get the most out of your property and still secure a safe and fast sale.

Here at We Buy Any House, we have created a guide on how to sell your house quickly and what to consider beforehand. Anything from choosing how to sell to tips on increasing your home’s market value.

Sort Our Your Finances

Before starting your selling process, you must sort out your finances and make a clear plan about what you plan on doing and how much of your resources you will need to use. To begin with, getting a rough idea about how much your home is worth is a good decision. Understanding how your market value works, what potential buyers are looking for will not only help you plan out your finances, but it will also be beneficial to you so that you could work on fixing certain aspects of your property which may lead you to reaching a higher asking price.

Moreover, you want to understand what your costs for selling will be and whether you can afford them or not. If you won’t be able to, then there are alternative options which can choose from that will cover most of your fees.

Consider Your Selling Options

Now that you’ve sorted out your finances, you can proceed with choosing the right way for you to sell your property. Whether that is via estate agents, independently or through a quick buyer company, there is no right or wrong alternative to choose. Individual circumstances require specific solutions and approaches so it’s important to choose the best option for you.

If you go with an estate agent, you are promised the highest asking price, but the speed of the sale and the incurring fees are often quite long and high. It normally takes around 6 months on average to sell your house through an agent and after this stressful and lengthy process, people are often left with a return of about 80%.

However, if you are willing to sacrifice a small percentage of the price in return for a more hassle-free and normally free service, quick house buyer companies are just for you. They tend to offer below market value but don’t charge any estate agency or solicitor fees. You will find that sometimes while the original asking price may be somewhat lower than an estate agent’s price, the overall cost of the whole selling process isn’t significantly lower than the one you will incur via an agent.

Alternatively, you could try selling independently but if you don’t have the right knowledge of the property market, your selling process may be not only more costly but more time consuming as well.

Renting or Buying

The ultimate question for anyone who is selling a property is the reason behind it and the plans for the future. Whether you will be renting from now on, renting for the rest of your life or buying a new property, that will have to be taken into consideration, especially when you are sorting out your finances. If you are renting for a while before purchasing your next home, that will break the housing chain, making you a more attractive seller instantly.

Spruce Up Your House

Sometimes the best way to sell a house quickly is not in the way you choose to sell it but rather how you present your home in front of potential buyers. There are numerous ways you can stage your house in order to achieve that speedy sale you want. You could seek expert advice from estate agents and often they will be able to give you some useful tips even for free. However, you could easily do that yourself with a bit of research and DIY skills. For example, a fresh lick of paint could go a long way with potential buyers and could make a massive difference to how attractive your home is.

Once you have all of these things figured out, you will be able to take the correct actions in order to achieve a fast sale.

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