Cheap Ways To Cover Walls


When it comes to transforming the look and feel of a room, the walls play a crucial role. However, redecorating doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of creative and cost-effective ways to cover walls and breathe new life into any space. Whether you’re looking to add personality to a rental or want to refresh your home on a budget, here are eight inexpensive and impactful methods to consider.



8 Cheap Ways to Cover Walls

1.    Paint

2.    Removable Wallpaper

3.    Fabric

4.    Washi Tape

5.    Gallery Wall

6.    Decorative Plates

7.    Vinyl Decals

8.    DIY Wall Art

8 Cheap Ways to Cover Walls

1.  Paint

Painting remains one of the most affordable and versatile options for wall coverage. A fresh coat can instantly revitalize a room, making it feel brighter, larger, or cozier depending on the chosen colour. For an even more budget-friendly approach, consider focusing on an accent wall or using stencils to create patterns that add visual interest without requiring a large quantity of paint.

2. Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper designs for walls have gained popularity due to their ease of application and removal without damaging the walls. With a myriad of patterns and styles available, it’s a fantastic way to introduce texture and personality to a space. Whether opting for a subtle geometric print or a bold botanical design, removable wallpaper designs for walls offer a simple and affordable solution for transforming a room may it be living room wallpaper or for the bedroom.

3.  Fabric

Using fabric as wallpaper designs for wall covering can be a surprisingly budget-friendly and visually striking option. By stretching fabric over wooden frames or directly adhering it to the wall, you can achieve a soft, textured look. Fabric provides endless possibilities, from trendy tapestries to cosy drapery-inspired wall coverings, making it a versatile and economical choice for those looking to add warmth and character to their walls.

4. Washi Tape

Washi tape, with its endless array of colours and patterns, offers a fun and affordable way to create custom wall designs. From simple geometric shapes to intricate murals, washi tape allows for artistic expression without the commitment of paint or wallpaper. Additionally, it’s an ideal solution for renters seeking temporary wall decor that won’t damage the existing paint or finish.

5. Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is a cost-effective method to cover walls while showcasing personal style and interests. By combining a mix of framed artwork, photographs, and decorative objects, a blank wall can be transformed into a dynamic focal point. Thrift stores and online marketplaces often provide affordable options for building a diverse collection of art and frames. This also can be used as a way to replace living room wallpapers to make it more personal.

6. Decorative Plates

Decorative plates make for an unexpected and budget-friendly wall covering. Whether displaying a carefully curated collection of vintage plates or opting for a cohesive set of contemporary designs, this approach adds dimension and charm to any space. By arranging plates in an artistic composition, you can achieve a unique and eye-catching display that doubles as an affordable wall covering.

7. Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals offer a hassle-free and low-cost way to introduce decorative elements to walls. These adhesive designs come in a variety of styles, ranging from intricate nature scenes to playful geometric shapes. Vinyl decals can be easily removed and repositioned, making them ideal for renters or those who enjoy changing up their decor frequently without committing to permanent alterations.

8. DIY Wall Art

Engaging in do-it-yourself wall art projects presents an opportunity to personalize your space while staying within budget. From creating abstract canvas paintings to crafting three-dimensional wall sculptures using everyday materials, the possibilities for DIY wall art are endless. Embracing creativity and resourcefulness can result in one-of-a-kind wall coverings that reflect your unique style.

Also, make sure that before decorating your walls you should waterproof them the right way so that the coverings are maintained the right way. You can also get a better understanding of waterproofing through our waterproofing guide.

In conclusion, there are numerous cheap and innovative ways to cover walls that allow for the transformation of living spaces without a significant financial investment. By exploring the options outlined above, individuals can embark on a budget-friendly journey to revitalize their interiors, infusing personality and charm into their surroundings. Whether through paint, removable wallpaper, fabric, or DIY projects, achieving a stylish and impactful wall covering is well within reach for those seeking affordability and creativity in their decor endeavours.

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