Moving with Kids and Pets: Keeping Everyone Safe and Happy


Relocating to a new home can be a time-consuming and logistically challenging endeavor. Additionally, it can be emotionally overwhelming to leave behind a place where countless memories were made, regardless of the reasons to move. Moving can inherently be challenging, requiring significant pre-planning and coordination. When children and pets are involved, it can add a layer of complexity and potentially cause stress.

Nevertheless, with careful consideration and well-thought-out planning, it is possible to streamline the moving process, minimizing disruptions and unexpected obstacles. Most people hire BRS Moving company since the team consists of professionals and  understands the importance of safety during a move.

Take these proactive measures to ease the transition and create a smoother settling-in period for your entire family.

Before Moving Day

Proper planning is vital to a successful transition when moving with kids and pets. Here are some essential steps to take before the moving day:

  1. Informing your Kids

It’s important to inform children of all ages about the upcoming move as early as possible. This allows them time to comprehend the process, bid farewell to friends in the neighborhood, and adapt to the forthcoming change.

As far as you can, please include them in the decision-making process and explain the reasoning behind the relocation. They will feel less anxious, more active, and enthusiastic about their new home.

  1. Researching the New Area

Conduct thorough research on schools, parks, walking trails, pet stores, veterinarians, pediatricians, local restaurants, attractions, libraries, and other relevant facilities in the new area. Discover exciting places and activities to capture your kids’ interest or delight your pets. Encourage older kids to participate in the research process, allowing them to explore topics that interest them about their new home.

  1. Prepping Your Pet

Make an effort to prepare your pets for travel, whether by car or plane. Gradually acclimate them to being in a confined space by taking practice car rides. If you plan to travel by plane, consult your veterinarian to determine the most effective strategies for reducing anxiety in your pet. Additionally,if you’re moving to a new rental property, ensure it is pet-friendly.

Moving Day

Regardless of how much preparation and organization you have invested in, moving day can be an incredibly stressful experience. Acknowledging that children and pets are susceptible to stress is crucial. This necessitates efforts to minimize their stress levels on this momentous day.

Arrange a babysitter for small children on a moving day. Keep them occupied with fun activities or involve them in small tasks. For pets, consider a sitter or boarding/daycare. Exercise pets beforehand and provide a safe space with food and water during the move.

To handle all aspects of your move, consider working with a reputable company like BRS Moving. Professional movers can manage the process effectively since they have the knowledge and skills necessary, freeing you up to concentrate on your kids and pets.

Settling In

To assist your children and pets adjust to their new home, prioritize unpacking their necessities first. To foster comfort, furnish their rooms with familiar decorations. Additionally, set up a secure area for pets with all their needs, gradually introducing them to the rest of the house. Use this chance to meet neighbors and explore the new neighborhood with your family to help you settle.


Moving with children and pets requires careful consideration. Engaging in meticulous planning facilitates a safe and happy transition for your entire family, including your pets.

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