Self-storage units have become popular, and many people find them an ideal alternative for storing extra items when moving, downsizing, renovating, or simply decluttering. Besides that, you can use a self-storage unit to keep your vehicle, RV, or boat during the off-season, such as in winter. Storage units are available in numerous sizes, and you can choose one depending on how much space you need. Your option also depends on your budget and how long you need to store the items.

Here are the perks of renting a self-storage unit.

Extra storage space for your belongings

An obvious perk of a self-storage unit is that it provides extra space to store your items, whether moving, renovating, or decluttering. Selfstorage units in Boise come in multiple sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs depending on the items you want to store and your budget. Storage providers also provide storage units for the short term or long term eliminating all your worries about storage space.


If you own an RV, boat, or an extra vehicle and don’t have enough garage space, using a self-storage facility is good. Using your driveway or backyard is an option, but it doesn’t offer the much-needed security against theft and vandalism. Plus, having your RV or boat on your driveway in the long term may ruin your curb appeal.

A storage facility provides the much-needed security to ensure your valuables are safe while in storage. When choosing one, prioritize security amenities such as camera surveillance, coded entry door locks, secured fence and gate, and security personnel on-site.

Protection from the elements

If the climate can be unpredictable where you live, the more reason to use a self-storage unit to store your extra items rather than leaving them in your backyard. Rain, snow, ice, hail, and excessive sun can damage many things, including furniture, vehicles, and boats. An enclosed self-storage unit protects your valuables from adverse weather elements. For sensitive valuables like luxury cars, you can rent a climate-controlled storage unit to prevent damage due to extreme temperatures.


Renting a self-storage space doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With so many sizing options, all you need is to choose a size you can afford. For instance, when storing your vehicle, you can opt for a covered, uncovered, or enclosed space, depending on your budget. Many storage facilities also offer flexibility with storage terms, so you can negotiate for an affordable storage unit.

Easy access

When choosing a self-storage unit, it should be near your location for easy access. All you have to do is drive over, load the items you need into your car and leave. That eliminates the hassle of hiring a moving truck or driving miles to access your items. With plenty of storage facilities everywhere, you can rent one near you for easy access.

The bottom line

Renting a self-storage unit gives you peace of mind knowing that your valuables ate safe and protected from adverse weather elements.

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