Can CBD Effectively Help In Treating Alcoholism?


If a person cannot control their drinking habit then it can be called alcoholism. In such a condition, an individual will not be able to control their desire to drink. Also, once they will start drinking then they find it difficult to stop.

There can be several reasons why someone may start drinking, however, the moment their drinking habit goes out of their control, then they will develop alcoholism. There is no clear symptom that will be visible to know if one is affected by alcoholism. Often many people may not even know that they are suffering from alcoholism.

Often individuals with alcoholism may act violently towards their own family members too. The short-term effects may be slow reflexes and restlessness that can be treated, however, the longer-term effects can often be fatal too.

People with alcoholism may face a very high risk of liver and brain diseases, heart problems, and even cancer too. Let us try to explore in this article how CBD can help people suffering from alcoholism.

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CBD benefits for alcoholism

Due to several reasons, we may believe that CBD may benefit from alcoholism. A few of them are:

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties
  • Helps to normalize liver function
  • Helps to lower blood alcohol levels
  • Improves memory and learning
  • Can reduce uncontrollable alcohol cravings.

The following are a few benefits of CBD for alcoholism.

1. CBD can prevent the fatty livers development 

CBD’s antioxidant properties can treat alcohol-induced fatty liver diseases. It can also release the liver from various oxidative stress. Further clinical trials are required to confirm the usefulness of CBD in this area.

2. CBD can also protect from liver injury

The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can protect against liver injury due to alcohol. CBD can always weaken the liver’s immune system attack. However, further research is needed.

3. CBD can also reduce levels of blood alcohol

A few clinical trials were conducted and found that taking alcohol with CBD can lower levels of blood alcohol as compared to consuming only plain alcohol. This is also an area that needs further research.

4. CBD can help to protect from brain damage

CBD having anti-oxidant properties can reduce brain damage due to alcohol. This can also improve the memory, learning, and behavior of the victims of alcoholism. Further clinical trials are required to confirm all these claims.

5. CBD can help with alcohol addictions

CBD also helps reducing motivation to drink, and cravings for alcohol. Collectively such effects may help in preventing alcohol relapse amongst patients with alcoholism. Further clinical trials are required to confirm all these claims.

Is alcoholic beverage with CBD is legal to sell?

At the moment CBD industry is still in evolving stage and many new scientific pieces of evidence are coming to light. Therefore it is leading to plenty of confusion so far as the legal position of  CBD products is concerned.

Although selling CBD is now legal, but still CBD is not considered as an approved ingredient of any alcoholic beverage.

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