How To Start Your Vegetable Garden


Growing your vegetables means eating greens every day, saving money from buying vegetables from the supermarket, and knowing where your vegetables are coming from. Growing your food, especially vegetables, is a very popular practice among gardeners. So if you are a gardener and want to start your vegetable garden, you probably don’t have a huge space for that. Whether you are in love with the taste of homegrown vegetables or you want to cut down your shopping cost, here are some diy vegetable garden ideas for you before starting your kitchen garden

How to grow vegetables in limited space?

You might be thinking you don’t have enough space to grow vegetables. But maybe you are thinking it all wrong; perhaps you have access to more areas than you think. The main thing about vegetable gardens is direct sunlight, so whether it is in the ground or the air or on the floor, that doesn’t matter.

Use pot or planters:

If growing vegetables in the ground are difficult due to lack of sunlight or limited ground space, you can use pots and planters. To make it a budget-friendly option, use some used containers, maybe some old planters are hidden in your storeroom, anything which can hold soil and is good for drainage. Use fertilizer or even produce compost using kitchen scraps and add them in the growing season.

Raised bed gardens:

Raised bed gardens are very popular techniques for vegetable gardening. If the soil of your area is not good enough to grow vegetables, you can make your soil mixture to plant vegetables. Raised beds give better drainage, the soil warms faster, and weed control is easier in this technique.

Gardening Box:

If you live in an urban city where getting a space for gardening is tougher than meeting God, then this is the perfect option for you. Though you won’t grow a wide range of vegetables in a box, you can do some of your selection on the favorite list. All you have to do is to build vegetable planter box and keep them on your window sill or hang them on the balcony.

Wall planters:

Wall planters solve the maximum problem of having small space. You can install wooden, or metal wall planters in your balcony hung or screw them in the wall and grow your plants. Just remember you have enough space in between for the plants to grow.

What plants are good for the vegetable gardens:

The best thing about vegetable gardens is you can grow them from the kitchen scraps. Re-growing them actually can be easy soak them into some water and provide them with enough sunlight. And voila, you have your vegetable garden. Here are some vegetables that are easy to grow in limited space

  • Green Onion
  • Micro-greens
  • Tomatoes
  • Hot Pepper
  • Leafy vegetables ( kale arugula spinach)
  • Carrots

A vegetable garden is useful and as ornamental as other gardens. You have to think outside of the box and plant inside of the box.

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