Cleaning Tips: How to Make Keeping a Tidy Home Easier.


Usually, cleaning the house is not at the top of most homeowners’ favourite activities to do. But its an important task, and it’s critical that homeowners take the time to ensure that their properties are cleaned regularly A great way to make cleaning your house a lot less stressful is to do it little and often, however that isn’t always achievable or time friendly. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to make keeping a tidy home easier.

Do the Same Task in Each Room:

Instead of starting with just one room and working your way around it is doing each single task, start with one task and complete it all over your house. For example, begin in your living room and start vacuuming- once you have completed this in each room then move onto the next task. This is a much more efficient way of cleaning your home entirely and will stop you from feeling as though you’re in an endless cycle of cleaning that goes on and on.

Ensure You Have All of Your Cleaning Supplies in a Caddy:

There’s nothing worse than getting to the top of the stairs, ready to clean upstairs and realising that you have forgotten all of your cleaning supplies. Whether you decide to carry it in a caddy, bucket, or even in a makeshift cleaning tool belt, it’s so much easier to ensure that you have all the necessary supplies in one place. By doing this, you won’t waste any more time looking for your house cleaning products as they will all be ready in one place.

Clear the Clutter First:

Before you start getting into the nitty gritty, and wiping down all the other surfaces, start by clearing the clutter in your house. Go around your house and have a general tidy up of all the clutter in each room, and as you go around doing this, it’s a good idea to decide what you want to do with the clutter you are picking up-whether you want to throw it away, donate it or find a tidy spot for it.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Cleaning Tools:

There’s no point having cleaning tools that are dirty themselves. An important aspect of any cleaning ritual is to have cleaning supplies which have been maintained and look after. Using a dirty cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a full bag is somewhat ineffective to your cleaning routine, and will also mean that you spend more time cleaning your house as things won’t seem to be sparkling on your first clean.

Get Everyone Involved:

The best way to clean a house is to remember that it doesn’t have to be boring. The smallest tasks can be fun if you want them to be- and cleaning is no exception. If you live with your family, get everyone involved and assign differing tasks to each person. Doing things together can be a lot less stressful, and it will teach your family the importance of doing their bit in the house. 

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