Exploring the Aerial View: A Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Drone Photography Costs and Key Factors


Did you know that employing real estate drone images and videos highlighting views of your property can increase your chances of selling by up to 68%? With today’s competitive market environment, it’s more important than ever to include stunning drone imagery in your listings.

Imagine this: you’re scrolling through countless listings, trying to find the perfect one. Suddenly, a listing catches your eye with stunning, high-quality images and a digital twin that makes you feel like you’re already there. You can’t help but be drawn in and want to learn more. That’s the power of professional property photography – they grab your attention and make you take action.

Let’s explore why drone photography is a must-try for your property considering its cost and benefits.

How does Real Estate Drone Photography work?

Drone photography for real estate represents a subset of the larger field of property photography. This state-of-the-art equipment makes it feasible for photographers to capture a property from vantage points and heights that were previously inaccessible. The benefits of this aerial drone photography are listed below.

  • Drone photography adds a new dimension to your offering by taking high-resolution aerial images and videos. This gives your property a fresh perspective and stunning aesthetic appeal.
  • Aerial photography is a great way to provide prospective buyers with a bird’s-eye view of the entire property. It includes the size, dimensions, and layout, as well as neighbouring attractions like educational institutions, parks, and retail centres.
  • Drone footage is ideal for highlighting a house’s distinctive selling qualities, such as pools, lush gardens, or opulent furnishings, giving prospective buyers an aerial perspective of what the property can offer.
  • Drone photography used for real estate advertising has been shown to boost both exposure and interest in a property. And it leads to higher levels of web traffic and a quicker sale.
  • With high-quality cinematic footage and photographs of the property at hand, video marketing may easily take centre stage in the sales process.

Cost Considerations of Drone Photography

If you need the services of a professional or FPV drone photographer, you must talk about rates and gear beforehand. The typical initial investment for aerial photography is from £175 to £300.

Consider the combined fees of traditional photography for estate agents and a drone photographer if you want to use both services in your advertising efforts.  As could be anticipated, however, several variables affect the cost of drone photography as the following.

Format of the Project- If you want an aerial photographer to capture the right moments for your project or event, you should explain why you need their services. The time needed, and hence the cost is usually determined by the project’s or event’s ultimate goal.

Project Scale- The time and money needed to film a project are both affected by how big that project is. A photographer will need more time to acquire the best possible images if, for example, the estate they are photographing is very huge.

Time- Aerial photography entails more than just snapping pictures or recording footage. The total time and cost will be affected by the complexity of the aerial equipment utilised and how long it takes to set up.

Location- Finding a photographer in your immediate area will almost always save you money, but the greatest aerial photographers may live far from the shoot location, in which case their services may cost more.

The Kind of Aerial Device- The legal threshold for drone use is just 400 feet, thus there are projects and uses for aerial photography that can’t be accomplished without a technology that can reach higher elevations. Even if their airtime might be shorter than what’s required of a drone, the cost of using an aircraft or helicopter would be higher because of the time needed to put them up.

Images/Videos or Both- Do you need just still images, video, or a hybrid of the two? For prospective buyers to appreciate the expansive vistas, real estate agencies often use both approaches. Videography may need special equipment and result in an upcharge, so be sure to clarify your needs with the photographer in advance.

Wrapping Up

For homeowners hoping to sell their homes fast and profitably, property drone photography seems a great investment. Its breathtaking visuals and fresh viewpoint provides prospective buyers with an up-close view of the house and its surroundings, putting the spotlight on the best selling points. Ultimately, drones are an innovative alternative for development since their benefits are amplified when used for real estate promotion.

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