Just What Can a Diamond Blade Cut, Exactly


When it comes to cutting tools, there are certainly many available out there, and all are used for a variety of purposes. For example, we use scissors to cut paper and plastic in the home, garden shears for cutting hedges and lawn borders, and even large circular saws for cutting through wood and tile. But one of the things that makes one cutting tool different from another, especially in the case of power tools, is the type of blade that is used. For example, a saw equipped with a diamond 4.5 blade is capable of cutting through materials that another saw with a standard metal blade could not. So, what exactly can a diamond blade cut?

The Power of the Diamond Blade

According to Devour Tools, experts when it comes to high performance diamond blades (you can visit website here), diamond blades are the king of blades, particularly in the construction industry. You might already know that diamond is the hardest natural substance known in the world, and this is why attaching it to metal blades gives them extra power.

What you might not know though is that diamond blades are not equipped with natural diamonds. After all, these gems are awfully expensive. In fact, synthetic diamonds are created and then crushed down before being mixed with powdered metal and bonded to a steel blade. This makes the blade extremely powerful and capable of cutting through some of the toughest materials including concrete, steel, and porcelain.

Something worth remembering though is that not all diamond blades are created equally. While they are all capable of cutting through hard materials, the way in which they are made determines their best use. For example, a diamond blade designed to cut through concrete may not be the best blade to use to cut through metal or asphalt. It is all in how the diamond is bonded to the blade and the style and shape of the blade, which determines how it should be used. That being said, some diamond blades have been made to be universal and to cut through all types of material. Nevertheless, if you want precision cutting of a specific material, it is best to buy a blade that has been designed for that specific purpose.

How Do Diamond Blades Work?

As mentioned above, crushed diamonds are mixed with powdered metal and bonded to a blade. How hard the bond is determines the type of material it will be best used for. A softer bond is typically used for cutting through harder materials, whereas the opposite is true for softer materials, which work better when the bond is hard.

Diamond blades do not actually ‘cut’ through material. Instead, they grind through it using friction, effectively slicing through the material in question.

Is There Anything a Diamond Blade Cannot Cut?

While a diamond blade can essentially cut anything, there are some materials that they are not designed to be used with, particularly wood. This is because of the way in which these blades work. As they are grinding or scratching away the particles of the material they are used on, they do not result in a clean cut when used on wood.

The diamond blade is harsh and has a rough edge. When used on wood, it tends to rip apart the fibers of the wood, resulting in an unattractive cut. There is also the risk of the cut being crooked if a diamond blade is used on wood. It is better to stick to a regular metal blade instead.

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