Five Ways Curtains Can Change The Vibe Of The Room


Curtains are simple pieces of fabric that keep the sunlight and dust from entering our place. There are more uses for curtains like hiding something, being used for privacy, being used as aesthetic pieces, and many more. There are many things to be considered before buying curtains for your home or office. You can go for poppy or neutral colors, thick or thin fabric, sheer or blackout, and many more.

It is important to have curtains for windows and doors in your home to maintain cleanliness and privacy. Other than these two primary functions, curtains can also prove to be great aesthetic pieces. Curtains come in different fabrics, patterns, and designs that make them a fantastic backdrop item.

Let us explore different ways by which curtains can uplift the look of any room.

1. Changes the size of the room

The placement of curtains can impact the perceived size of your room. Placing curtains at the height of the ceiling, they can make the space look bigger. It makes the space look classy and rich. If it seems very high, you can try a simple trick of placing the curtains at least ten centimeters above the window. This will look elegant and simple, yet will make the room seem larger.

2. Play with the colors of the room

There is no wrong in adding a bit of color to the room. You can do that by using playful curtains. Painting your walls with a poppy color can be a risky thing, so you can try to go with a poppy color in curtains. A good shade will definitely make a lot of impact on the energy of the room. Make sure to not overdo the colors, because then it can make the room look like a circus.

3. Impacts the lighting of the room

We know that the primary purpose of curtains is to block any light coming from the outside world. But you can also control the amount of light coming in using curtains. There are different types of kardinad – sheer, opaque and translucent – that can adjust the brightness of the room. The amount of light has a lot of impact on the mood of the room.

4. Layer the curtains

This is another trick to style your curtains and make the space look classy and elegant. You can try layering curtains like mostly sheer & opaque go hand-in-hand, and it completely changes the look of the room. You can place the two layers at the same or different heights.

5. Enhances the mood of the room

There is no doubt that curtains can be an instant game-changer of how the room looks. Depending on the different colors and patterns you choose for your curtains, it can uplift the ambiance of the room. The ambiance of the room impacts the mood of anyone who is entering. The right decor can be an instant mood uplifter.


One should never ignore the importance of curtains in their space. They can make or break the look. You can check out Avaeksperdid to explore the plethora of curtains to go with your room and decor.

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