Kitchen Door Design Ideas


The modular kitchen design is crucial. All the elements should be chosen very carefully to ensure the space appears appealing. It will improve the cooking experience. Besides the tiles, appliances, and fittings, you must pay attention to the kitchen door as well. This element often gets ignored. Although it is not as significant as the primary elements of your kitchen design idea, it is still important. You must not choose the door randomly. There are a lot of factors you will have to take into consideration before finalising. This will allow you to store the best door design for your home.

With so many options in the market, it might be a little difficult for you to determine the best option. This is why here are all the pros and cons of the various types of doors:

01 of 04 Porcelain-clad doors

Porcelain-clad doors can be considered for your modular kitchen. In this type of food, A porcelain tile is bonded to a laminate or acrylic covered MDF substrate. Compared to most options found in the market, this option is more expensive. Hence, it might not be the best solution for people looking for budget-friendly options. You will find these doors mostly in modern contemporary setups.


  • It is a durable option and can last very long. You will not have to worry about a replacement after a few years.
  • You do not have to worry about maintenance. It is very easy to clean and perfect for spaces like the modular kitchen.
  • This is one of the best door designs for the home¬†if you want a luxurious look.


  • You may not find the exact colour you want. There are limited colour options.
  • The material is expensive compared to other materials.
  • You do not get a lot of different designs. Only flat-panel doors are available.

02 of 04 Glass-clad doors

As the name suggests, glass-clad doors feature glass. In most cases, toughened glass is used on the door for safety. Depending on your preferences, you can get a glass door featuring clear glass or etched glass. While one allows you to see through and creates the illusion of a larger space, the other is translucent and provides privacy.


  • Toughened glass is very durable. It will not get damaged easily. Also, the material will last very long.
  • You can use this material for giving your modular kitchen design idea a luxurious look.


  • You may not find as many colours as other options will offer.
  • This door is costlier than many doors you will find in the market.
  • You can get flat-panel doors only.

03 of 04 Lacquered gloss doors

These are flat-fronted featuring an 18 or 22 mm MDF core. Different suppliers often use different manufacturing methods for this door. In most cases, manufacturers heat cure, sand, and prime the baseboard, and then apply several coats of lacquer. It may be further cured after the 1st coat and polished to give a mirror finish. People simply love the smooth and reflective high gloss finish.


  • The door is easy to clean and maintain. A lot of time and effort are not required.
  • You will not have to worry if the door gets damaged. It can be easily repaired.
  • The door gives your kitchen a unique look because of its seamless edges
  • You get lots of colour options when choosing this door. Hence, you can easily find a door that matches your taste and your home interior design.


  • Although people love the high gloss finish of this door, this might not be the best option for your kitchen. The finish will ruin over time.

04 of 04 Acrylic-faced doors

Acrylic-faced doors are getting quite popular these days. A thin layer of acrylic is bonded to the MDF for making this door. You get this door design in both gloss and matt finish. Hence, you can choose any option according to your preferences. People looking for alternatives for lacquered and glass-fronted doors can choose the high gloss variant. On the other hand, matt acrylic doors appear like painted doors.


  • These doors can easily be cleaned.¬† Hence, they are perfect for the kitchen.
  • If you want a door that is worth the value and lasts long, these are great options. It is a cost-effective door design.
  • People looking for a high-end kitchen design can choose this door. Its premium look will add a posh feel to the space.
  • You get both gloss and matt options. Hence, you can choose any option you want.


  • Although these doors are sturdy, they are prone to scratching. You will have to be very careful around the door. In a space like a kitchen, the chances of scratching the door are quite high.
  • You do not get lots of colour options when choosing these doors. Hence, you may not find the perfect match for your kitchen.
  • You will have to be careful around the door as it is not repairable.

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