Mark Roemer Oakland Offers Home Renovation Plans You Need to Have



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, even if you renovated your home a few years ago, every new renovation project comes with new challenges and changing trends. That’s why you need to create a solid home renovation plan and be prepared for hiccups. Let’s check out the home renovation plans you need to have.

The Details 

1. Invest in smart locks

If you’re DIYing the renovation project or living in the same home during the renovation, this one shouldn’t be a concern. However, if you’re living in a different place and hire contractors for the job, you’ll be doing a lot of round trips to your home to allow the contractor and his employees to enter your property and lock it when they leave.

Contractors start their work early in the morning and that would add to the frustration. You’ll lose sleep, waste time, and burn a lot of fuel. Fortunately, you don’t need to go through that experience if you invest in smart locks. That allows you to remotely lock or unlock your property and allow the contractor and his team to come in and do their work.

2. Be realistic about the budget and timeline

Home renovation projects can easily become very complicated, expensive, and time-consuming if you’re not careful. When you come up with a renovation plan, try to keep it simple and elegant. More complicated elements add to the complexity of the project, drains more money out of your bank, and keep you out of your home for a longer time.

Any kind of home renovation project would go a bit over budget and take longer than expected. You need to be prepared for that. That’s why it’s important to minimize complexity during the planning stage to keep things more manageable and bring the timeline and budget closer to your expectations.

3. Expect the unexpected

Your home hides a lot of secrets that would be unveiled during the renovation. For instance, your contractor may tell you that the floors are uneven due to a shifted center joist. That means your pristine hardwood floors can’t be installed right away. Instead, you’ll spend time dealing with the home inspector who missed out on that little detail and get the floor joist repaired and leveled. This is just one of the many surprises that may greet you during the renovation project.

4. Interview a lot of contractors

You need to interview a lot of contractors to make sure that you’re getting the best guy for the job. Some would have a great reputation. Others would have innovative and creative ideas to get the job done perfectly without altering or cutting through other parts of your home. Interviewing a lot of contractors lets you know about them and compare their work and client satisfaction before deciding on the perfect one.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the above-mentioned home renovation plans to keep the process smooth and steady. Be realistic about your budget and timeline and make sure to screen through a lot of contractors before you decide on the perfect one who can bring your vision to life.

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