Renovation Ideas for Small Kitchens


There are many popular lifestyle television shows or even in house tour vlogs that feature organized and spacious kitchens. Most people may even advise you to prioritize your kitchen above all else because this is where you will be preparing and serving your meals. But expectations often fall far from reality.

You may have a small kitchen, but do not lose heart because there are countless ways to transform your tiny kitchen into your ideal kitchen with a few renovations.

The key to designing and renovating a small kitchen is planning.  You need to maximize the space you have without making it over cluttered. An experienced kitchen contractor who specializes in smaller kitchen designs would be invaluable for your project.

Set the lightings of your kitchen

Bright lights will not just increase visibility, and it can also create a visual illusion. Positioning lights to the entire kitchen area will make it look airier, and it is scientifically proven that bright sunlight can prompt productivity. Thus, this factor is not something to overlook.

Resort to minimalist designs

From the word itself, Minimalist designs have modest aesthetic layouts that prioritize spaces and simplicity. It is relatively easy to find these kinds of designs because it has become a trend lately. A few examples of minimalist implements are stools with a thin, sturdy framework; counters that can secure chairs under.

Designate a theme

Imposing a theme for your kitchen can make it orderly and complementary. A great theme to start with is a pastel theme. This theme makes all the elements of your kitchen neat and pleasant.

Decide on an open shelf kitchen

While open shelves in your kitchen can make it easier for you to reach for utensils and kitchen wares, it can also create an airy feeling. This can also serve as open storage for certain kitchen items, or you may opt to use this space for your decorations.

Organize wisely

In any size of the kitchen, the organization should always be maintained. But in a small kitchen, you have to be extra smart in organizing all the kitchen stuff. If you will resort to an open shelf kitchen, make sure to follow a systematic approach in terms of position and balance to achieve the cohesion that will make everything look a lot organized.

Attach mirrors on the wall

Mirroring the wall can make your kitchen twice larger than what it is. You can choose if you want cheap and easy to apply, you can buy an adhesive mirror. You may also order a glass mirror and let someone install it for you.

Declutter your kitchen

Make sure to get rid of unnecessary commodities in your kitchen. Keeping a broken microwave or cracked glass cups is not a good idea. It is better to have fewer things in the kitchen to add more space and avoid any potential danger to users.

The ideas mentioned above for small kitchens are vital in fixing specific kitchen issues you have and making it possible to achieve your ideal kitchen. There is much more to learn about small kitchen ideas that will guarantee a great result. However, following the presented ideas will suffice in making your kitchen a lot more accessible and conducive for cooking and doing the dishes. Hence, you can now list them down and start planning for the significant glow-up of your beloved kitchen.

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