What Are the Types of Hot Water Cylinders?


Throughout New Zealand, most homes depend on hot water storage tanks to supply hot water in different parts of their properties. Unless you wish to take a cold shower, they are important components of warming up any home.

Unfortunately, choosing the right cylinder for your property is tricky with many options out there. Although not everyone pays attention to the way water gets heated in their homes, choosing the right hot water cylinder will make a difference.

Some of the cylinders you can choose from are:

1. Direct Cylinder

This type of cylinder has the capability of heating water and is normally referred to as an immersion water heater. This works the same way hot water kettles do.

Inside this cylinder, you will have a heating element that consists of a metallic coil, which transmits the heat to the water in the tank.

Water then gets delivered to the outlets of water, including taps, when it is turned on. You must switch on this system for hours before you start using hot water.

2. Unvented Cylinder

An unvented cylinder is designed to work with a system boiler and uses mains water pressure. This means you don’t have to install a header tank in the loft for gravity to circulate heated water around the house.

The high water flow of an unvented cylinder means it can quickly provide enough water to appliances, making it suitable for items that need a constant flow of water, like power showers.

Because it doesn’t need gravity so that it can supply hot water, you can situate the system anywhere you want. This makes it more versatile and gives you enough space to do other things you want. Plus, it is often made of quality stainless steel, making it a reliable and sturdy option for your home.

3. Solar Cylinder

This cylinder is specifically made for solar heating installation. A mixture of Glycol liquid and water passes through a solar panel to produce heat. This heat is transferred to the water through internal coils. Then, the heated water reroutes through a solar panel for reheating. Additional coils are designed to provide more heat from other sources.

4. Vented Cylinder

This is one of the most common types of water heaters found in New Zealand. Unlike an unvented cylinder, this type is fed by cold water from header tanks and uses gravity to drive hot water around homes.

Like an unvented cylinder, warm water expansion is still a problem. However, in this case, expansion takes place in header tanks and through vent pipes.

5. Indirect Cylinder

An indirect hot water cylinder is often fitted with coils in the tank but it depends on external applications, like boilers to generate heated water. Some of them often come with an immersion heater installed in, for more heat.

In a Nutshell

Understanding different kinds of hot water cylinders is important for making a good decision. Whether you prefer a vented, unvented, direct, indirect, or solar cylinder, this system is an efficient and dependable solution for households, including your home. Timely replacement and regular maintenance will ensure that your cylinder continues to provide heated water whenever you need it.

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