Learn all About Waterproof Plywood


Plywood is manufactured as a cross bonded structure of core and panel veneers glued together in alternate layers.. These layers are further glued together under high temperature and pressure to give it its strength. The various commonly used grades of plywood are commercial grade and water-resistant grade and boiling waterproof grade.

What is waterproof plywood? 

Furniture and cabinets especially in kitchens and bathrooms are always exposed to water and hence, need waterproof plywood. This kind of plywood is carefully and specially manufactured from bonding material such as synthetic resins, which renders it impermeable to water. That makes it the preferred choice where the chances of prolonged exposure to water are high.

Plywood can be found in a variety of types and sizes. However, if you want a better choice of color, you can always pick the laminate or veneer separately and have it applied on the ply by a professional. Here are the various types of plywood. Let’s take a look at them in ascending order of their resistance to water.

MR grade plywood- 

Moisture resistant plywood means that this type of plywood is ideal for interior use. Even though it is not completely waterproof, it is treated with resins such as formaldehyde to resist normal levels of moisture and humidity and is suited for office and home areas that do not experience too much water exposure.

BWR grade plywood- 

Boiling water resistant plywood can be used for interiors as well. It is treated with phenolic resins to make it water-resistant and can be used in areas that have slightly higher levels of exposure to water or areas that get a lot of humidity and rainfall. Using this type of ply in kitchenswill ensure that they are long-lasting and durable.

BWP grade plywood- 

Boiling water proof plywood is also referred to as Marine plywood and has the highest resistance to water. Being boiling waterproof, it is almost impervious to water and is used in a lot of constructions especially in areas thatare constantly exposed to water. The quality is owing to the resins or glue used in this ply.It is durable, strong, and can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, utility spaces, and other areas. It can even be used in decks and balconies in areas that get a lot of rainfall.

Where can you use waterproof ply board at home? 

Waterproof ply is ideal to be used in interiors ranging from kitchens to bathrooms, flooring, and ceilings and can be used along with laminates, veneers or paint to match your décor or theme. It is widely used by builders, architects, and homeowners as partition walls, construction, and more.

In Conclusion 

Entrust a professional when it comes to picking your waterproof plywood price. Unless you understand and can differentiate between various types of plywood for your home, an expert is always the best as they will help you to pick plywood that is ideal for your home and they will have a vetted and verified list. Some brands will even send contractors to your home to measure and install the plywood and have it delivered so you can save on both time and money. Plywood is widely used in all kinds of industries as well as residential and commercial buildings and homes and is popular due to its durability, long-lasting property, and aesthetic look.

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