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You are looking for a good place to invest in real estate. Exceptional properties are available in the most beautiful towns of the Basque Country and the moors. In particular, we advise you to opt for the municipality of Soorts-Hossegor for your real estate investment. It’s a great place to live with beaches, golf courses, etc. Find out here how Soorts-Hossegor is a suitable municipality for acquiring, selling or letting real estate.

Opt for Barnes Hossegor, a luxury real estate agency in Hossegor
To be sure of your investment, the ideal is to opt for u only real estate agency in Soorts Hossegor . Barnes Immobilier is a prestigious agency that guides and supports you in your project. And this, whether it’s sale or purchaset real estate in Hossegor. For several years, Barnes Hossegor has carved out a good reputation in the field of luxury real estate. This is the agency you need since it is recognized as a major player in luxury real estate on an international scale. High-end services are offered in the real estate sector. With this specialist, choose from a plethora of luxury goods for sale. In addition, the properties are off-market and designed for VIP clients with all property conveyancing . You will no doubt be satisfied with the services offered to you.

Hossegor: the ideal place for your real estate investment
Here’s why Hossegor is the place for you! First of all, it is a market a popular real estate market in the south of the Landes. It is an area which attracts buyers enormously. The observation made is nothing other than a strong demand for individual villas of large area and with land. Hossegor is a very attractive city because of its unspoiled natural spaces, its quality infrastructure and its proximity to the Basque Country.

In the real estate market in Hossegor, the areas located between the lake 
and the ocean are the most sought after. The city center as well as the area surrounding golf courses are also popular. Hossegor is home to many foreign residents. The fact that it is a very tourist destination sharpens the desire of buyers to set up their main residences there. Market prices may vary depending on the neighborhood, the nature of the property and its condition. You can have a house or an apartment from less than 3,000 euros per m2 to more than 8,000 euros per m2. You can easily acquire your property through a real estate agency in Soorts Hossegor.

Hossegor: a good place to live
Did you know ? The Landes resort of Hossegor has developed mainly around the marine lake and the ocean. And this, a few kilometers from the old town of Soorts-Hossegor. You will find there the picturesque Basque-Landes villas. The latter give the seafront an exceptional charm on the coast. If you are a fan of nautical and seaside leisure activities, practice in Hossegor many activities on the salt lake or on the Atlantic. Find four sandy ocean beaches within this resort for more fun. All this makes Soorts-Hossegor an ideal town for real estate investment. So, a real estate agency like Soorts-Hossegor like Barnes Immobilier would be useful for you to take the plunge.

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