What Are Your Interiors Saying about Your Home Culture?


Your house design says a lot about you. It can reflect your choices and your home culture. Home culture can be defined as the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of the people living in the house. Different families have a different set of beliefs and ideologies and hence, the culture of different homes is different. While some people are relaxed and playful, others are quite conventional. Many families are quite modern as well. Given their difference in beliefs, their choices are a little different as well. As a result, the house design of the family tells a lot about the culture of the home. Here is what the various interior house designs tell about the home culture:

01 of 03 Home interiors featuring an ethnic culture

Many families feel very proud of their roots. In an ethnic home design, a strong cultural background of the family is reflected. Such home designs mostly feature elements that promote local customs and art. You can make your ethnic home interiors appear stunning by introducing various objects, materials, and patterns. This will help to add some vibrance to the setup as well. Experts often use motifs like mandalas on fabrics repeatedly to add more drama to the home design. You can complement the look by combining them with bronze and stone home decoration objects.

Make sure you pay attention to the colours used in your ethnic home interiors as well. They will have a huge impact on the overall look of the interiors. Although there are lots of options available, you should be specific when choosing them. For an ethnic design, colours like brown, maroon, rust, and green are often preferred. If you are adding fabrics, your ethnic interior house design should feature options like khadi or silk. Experts suggest adding other elements like beautiful paintings and other decor items to emphasise the ethnic culture. However, make sure that the painting and decor items are somehow linked to your background. For instance, if you are a Rajut, your home can have beautiful handicrafts and stone statuettes from Rajasthan. However, make sure that you invest in good quality ethnic pieces. Ethnic home decors focus on minute details. Make sure all the elements you use in your home feature intricate details. However, make sure you do not go overboard with it or the interiors might appear overwhelming.

02 of 03 Home interiors featuring a modern culture

Just like some families prefer sticking to their roots, many prefer staying in nuclear families and adopting a modern and metropolitan lifestyle. This is why they opt for modern home designs. A modern home design is a perfect choice for their culture. Your modern home design can be as functional and appealing as traditional ethnic home design as well. In these homes, your primary focus should be introducing straight lines and maintaining a simple and minimalistic look. Although you can add colours and patterns to the setup for an interesting look, you will always have to maintain a minimal approach. This will help to make the space feel open, spacious, and clutter-free.

Although modern home culture focuses on contemporary elements, it does not mean that it does not connect you to your roots. In your modern home design, you can consider combining global influences along with traditional elements. This will help you to get the best of both worlds.

You do not have to pay attention to the objects as much as you will have to emphasise the space available. Modern homes have open layouts featuring horizontal and vertical lines, plenty of natural light, elegant decor items, and pastel or neutral colours.

03 of 03 Home interiors featuring an international culture

The world is going global and people are picking up more and more foreign practices and beliefs. Nowadays, people can connect with friends from different countries and stay connected to the entire world using the internet. Hence, families can have an international culture as well. In this home culture, only the best elements are taken from everywhere and combined together with their heritage. This helps to create a very appealing and interesting interior house design. However, make sure that you are not adding all the elements to the decor randomly. Instead, you are choosing all the elements very carefully and combining them to create a beautiful theme. For instance, Scandinavian-inspired home decor is something you can consider. This home decor focuses on minimalism and functionality. You can add a Mediterranean feel to this setup by introducing a few vintage pieces into the room. If you are not sure which vintage piece will appear the best, using plants for decorating the space is a great idea.

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