Which side table or coffee table suits your interior?


Are you looking for a new Upholstered coffee table? Or do you want to place one or more side tables in your living room or bedroom? Side tables and Upholstered coffee table are often used intensively. Moreover, a Upholstered coffee table often has a central place in the living room. So make sure you choose furniture that fits well with your interior. Upholstered coffee table and side tables come in many shapes, sizes and materials. It is often difficult to determine which model best suits your style. In this article we will help you find the Upholstered coffee table or side table that best suits your interior

Choose a modern Upholstered coffee table or side table

Do you have a modern and sleek living room? Then choose a matching Upholstered Coffee Table and side table.and is there for a specific reason. By choosing a number of smaller side tables, you hardly lose any space and you still have a perfect place to put some books, a plant or your cup of tea.

With a sturdy side table in a pronounced color you also get a real eye-catcher at home! For example, take a look at this metal side table, which is available in trendy colors such as lilac, warm green or red-brown. Need more storage space in your living room? Then combine your side table with this round, retro Upholstered coffee table from WOOD.

Are you going for a square or round Upholstered coffee table?

In addition to the material and color, the shape of your Upholstered coffee table is also an important point to consider. Does a round, square or rectangular Upholstered coffee table fit best in your interior? Square and rectangular Upholstered coffee table is ideal for a neat and sleek interior. In addition to your interior design, always keep in mind how you will use the coffee table: do you want to be able to store a lot of things on your Upholstered coffee table and do you have enough space in the living room?

Then a rectangular coffee table is the best choice. For example, consider this wooden, square Upholstered coffee table from WOOOD.Do you already have a lot of clean lines and rectangular furniture in your room? Then a round Upholstered coffee table breaks the lines well and provides a playful and cozy effect. In this round Upholstered coffee table different materials are combined for a cool and robust effect. Complete your living room by combining the Upholstered coffee table with one or more side tables in the same shape and style.

Industrial side table or Upholstered coffee table

Another consideration when choosing a coffee or side table is the material. Each material has its own appearance, and brings a certain atmosphere with it. Do you have a sleek, industrial interior? Choose an industrial side table or Upholstered coffee table. These are characterized by the use of heavy materials such as metal, copper or steel. In terms of atmosphere, this set of side tables with iron legs fits well in such a d├ęcor. In addition, the thin legs give a spatial effect. Is your living room modern and playfully decorated? Then choose a coffee or side table with a marble top. Do you have more of a classic interior? Then a side table with a glass top can also fit very well. Finally, you also have the choice for an Upholstered coffee table made of wood. Wood provides a warm, cozy atmosphere, is easy to paint in a color of your choice, and fits into any type of interior!

Your own side table next to your lazy chair

A side table does not necessarily have to be in the living room. Do you have a nice armchair elsewhere in your house? By placing a small side table next to it, you can easily turn it into your own corner and at the same time create space for your things. This way you always have your magazines, agenda or telephone at hand. You will see that you now enjoy your easy chair even more. Due to their size, side tables also serve well as a bedside table or, for example, as an extra table in the hall.

How do you stain a table?

So there are many advantages to staining a table. The best approach always starts with good preparation. You start by cleaning the wood. You make the surface completely grease-free. There may be spots in the wood structure that need repair. Small irregularities can be removed with sandpaper. For larger dents and cracks you can use wood filler. Keep in mind that if you are going to use a transparent stain, the repairs will remain visible. After cleaning up the dust, pickling can be started. Stain penetrates into the wood, which is also called impregnation. It is therefore important to stain on an untreated surface and to remove all old layers of paint before staining.

Now the real work can begin. Stain is preferably applied with a flat brush. For large surfaces you can choose a suitable paint roller, but a flat brush really gives the best result. Stain absorbs quickly, so work quickly so that you work as much wet on wet as possible. Working wet on wet prevents streaking.

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