Optimize a child’s room with the bed with integrated storage


Our children’s room is, along with the living room, one of the rooms in the house which brings together a multitude of activities in a single space. In addition to sleeping there, we must be able to work, relax, play, but also tidy up. As we cannot afford to push the walls at will, we have to be cunning so that our children can give free rein to all their occupations! The advantage of the multifunction bed. It makes it possible to combine the useful and the practical without overloading the space. Still hesitating? Here are a few small examples to show you that these beds are real assets to furnish the room of your loulous.
Nick Noyes Architecture


With its two built-in cupboards, this pretty room left few furnishing options. And yet! By choosing to furnish only one section of the bedroom, the owners have made room for other activities. An alcove has been created to integrate sleeping and storage.

Tip : By partitioning the bed like the old-fashioned way, you gain privacy. And by accessorizing cushions, it will become a pretty sofa during the day!


If the ceiling height allows it, you can also decide to distinguish the sleeping area from that of the game by playing at different heights. Then create a small platform under which a few superimposed drawers will slip. Storage at this height then becomes very easy to access.

Tip: If you are a bit of a handyman, this option is quite feasible with commercial modules. Think of the platform bed to save space in a child’s room Space agents | Interior designer

Extra bed

In the little ones’ room, it is always interesting to have an extra bed, if only to receive a few friends unexpectedly! To store a mattress without taking up all the space, place that extra bedding in a drawer under the bed.

Tip: To facilitate the handling of such a module, avoid placing a bedside table at the foot of the bed. Instead, opt for a shelf mounted on the wall.

Bed with drawers

A maximum of storage in a child’s room remains, as we know, THE priority! Unfortunately, the spaces available are not expandable and it is therefore necessary to be creative to make rhyme useful and pleasant.
By choosing a bed with two large built-in drawers, you will optimize space by using the underside of the bed (an often unnecessary area) where dust accumulates.

Tip: By opting for a colorful stool as a bedside table, which you can easily move, you will facilitate access to storage.

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