Finding a water leak: don’t let the situation get worse


These include black water (toilet water) and domestic water (washbasin, shower, sink, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.).

In practice, the slightest damage to a gravity network can have serious consequences.

For example, water flowing from a leaking pipe can wet the slab of the house, create a collapse in the garden and even cause a road subsidence.

This is why the search for water leaks focuses on many aspects: breakage, dislocation, cracking, deformation, etc.

Here, we differentiate the infiltrations in the lower part and in the upper part.

The first are located at the level of the basement or the foundations of the building. They occur when it rains and the earth is saturated with water, when gutters are concerned or when a manhole is too high or leaky.

For their part, the water infiltration in the upper part is located on the roof. Sloping roofs are less concerned because their inclination allows water to flow without infiltrating. Of course, infiltration due to damaged tiles is still possible.

But it is especially the roof terraces that experience infiltration.

Most often, these flat roofs are waterproofed with a tar membrane. As it ages, it can puncture itself and thus cause leaks. The search for infiltration on the roof then consists of inserting smoke under the membrane, to see where it comes out.

Whether the infiltration occurs in the upper or lower part, it is essential to identify the place (s) where the water is able to pass, then to carry out the necessary work.

Who is affected by water leaks?

Or rather all the buildings. Even if it does not contain any pipes, any building can have a water leak resulting in infiltration, flooding or other water damage.

For example, a basement can experience flooding due to a leak on pipes in a neighboring building. Ditto, a warehouse can experience water infiltration if its flat roof is no longer waterproof.

So stay alert to any water leaks, whatever your building.

In other words, whether you are an individual, a condominium trustee, an insurance company, or a business, you can hire an expert to look for water leaks. Even professionals such as social landlords, developers, builders or maintenance companies can take advantage of this service which combines skills and specialized equipment.

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