The mistakes to avoid for a successful spring cleaning


We are in the middle of it: it’s spring! This is the opportunity to start over and have a change of mind. For this, some of you have surely already equipped yourself from head to toe to do the spring cleaning! Others take a little longer to dust off their homes, but their hearts are there. Anyway, we suggest you test your household knowledge with a TRUE or FALSE. Rather an apprentice of cleaning or a true ace of cleanliness? What is certain is that you will not make the same mistakes again when it comes to spring cleaning.

1. The sponge is the dirtiest washing utensil: FALSE
Explanation: 10 million : this is the number of bacteria that come to life on a kitchen sponge. Understandable figures given its thickness, constant humidity and use for everything and everywhere. So the sponge has nothing to envy to other household objects in terms of dirt? It just so happens that: with its thick fabric and the density of its fibers, the mop will collect a million bacteria every 10 square meters and thus obtain the undeniable position of the dirtiest washing utensil.

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Solution: To avoid bacteria growth, remove the removable part of the mop and clean it at 60 degrees. Repeat the operation after each use. Also remember to replace the cleaning cloth every two months to optimize cleaning efficiency.

Spring cleaning sponge

2. A large amount of foam reduces the washing efficiency: TRUE
Explanation: We tend to want to use too much foam to get rid of the dirt. However, this is not the solution. The excess foam prevents the elasticity of the fibers of your mop or wipe and does not allow a deep cleaning. Even worse, it could damage the surfaces on which you use the foamer, such as sofas, carpets or even your linens.

Solution: So be sure to stick to the recommended dosage for a sparkling home again. It’s a little extra for the environment too, think about ecology!

Spring moss household

3. The dustiest parts should be cleaned first: TRUE
Explanation: Seeing the first rays of sun arrive, we want to get rid of the household as soon as possible and do it in any order. Spring cleaning is one of the dreaded times of the year; it requires time, energy and above all organization. The lack of organization makes this annual cleaning interminable and therefore neglected. This is why it is important to focus your energy in order of importance. In other words, focus your attention first on the parts that get dirty the fastest.

Solution: Start with the kitchen: between the leftover food, the mountain of dishes and the ambient temperatures, you will be sure to find your quota of bacteria and dust. Then head to the bathroom, the humidity and fecal bacteria in the bathroom turn the room into a nest of dirt. Then go to places where dirt is less obvious but beautiful and very present, such as bedrooms.

Spring cleaning – young people doing housework

4. Daylight is ideal for cleaning windows: FALSE
Explanation: Even though daylight is handy for shining dirt on windows, it should not be removed right away. The heat given off by the sun dries the cleaning liquid in no time without having even been able to spread it before. This will cause big marks on your glass plates.

Solution: Wait for the clouds to appear before polishing your windows.

Spring cleaning-window

5. It is better to wait until the vacuum cleaner bag is full before emptying it: FALSE
Explanation: We are often tempted to wait until the vacuum cleaner bag is full to empty it. However, this is far from the right solution. As soon as the slightest accumulation of sand, dust or food remains, the suction capacity of the device decreases

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